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NASA Site Survey, Thorough Analysis, and Energy Audit for NASA’s Building 46

NASA is required to reduce their energy consumption by 3% each year, leading to 30% by the end of fiscal year (FY) 2015, as compared to an FY 2003 baseline. Johnson Space Center (JSC) is also required to perform energy audits on their facilities once every year in an effort to reduce energy consumption and optimize building system performance for all buildings.

This building survey and report is an ASHRAE Level I report, with aspects included for an ASHRAE Level II audit which was developed from ASHRAE guidelines combined with a retro-commissioning report. The goal of the survey and report is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the building systems operation and energy performance and to identify any improvements that would assist JSC in meeting its energy reduction goal.



  • Reduce annual energy consumption by 3% targeting a 30% reduction by 2015 (2003 baseline)
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the building system operation
  • Optimize building system performance to reduce energy consumption
  • Identify areas for improvement to assist in meeting the energy reduction goal


  • Provide comprehensive energy and water audits per ASHRAE guidelines
  • Perform Retro-Commissioning services to provide functional testing of building systems to identify control and/or operational deficiencies
  • Log energy use data with Energy Star Portfolio Manager Software to establish Energy Utilization Index baseline
  • Measures to reduce energy consumption and utility costs


  • Reduction of the Data Center PUE from 1,79 to 1.73
  • Implementation of all the recommended EMCs will reduce electrical demand by up to 25 kW, and will save (each year):
    • 349,206 kWh
    • 157 MMBtu of steam
    • 880.8 MMBtu of chilled water
    • 45,496 gallons of water

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